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Novara Wallpaper Collection

Novara Wallpaper Collection

The P&S international Novara Wallpaper Collection involves retro inspiration with superb geometric designs with some bright colours to offer. This is an eye-catching selection from P&S International and will look fabulous in any room in the home or office.

Set Descending Direction

Retro inspired wallpaper designs are all the range in the world of home décor. P&S International have recreated a stunning vintage wallpaper design and given it a fresh, modern look in their unique retro, Novara Wallpaper Collection.

The Novara Wallpaper Collection features a geometric inspired design and comes in a fabulous range of colours. Choose from warm beige to lime green, vibrant orange to black to update any room in your home.

Browse the full P&S International Novara Wallpaper Collection to find your favourite design.