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Explore the world through the eyes of a child with the delightful wallpaper designs from the PaperBoy Wallpaper Collection.

This innovative and imaginative range includes everything from dragons to dinosaurs, space to robots for a great look in any child’s bedroom.

PaperBoy are renowned for their innovative children’s wallpaper designs. Their point of difference is that they see the world through the eyes of children, giving a fun, quirky take to conventional wallpaper designs.

Amongst the numerous PaperBoy Wallpaper Collection designs are the D’ya-think-e-saurus and Ere Be Dragons collections which show a little boy interacting with dinosaurs, dragons and knights. The Animal Magic and How it Works wallpaper collections show the inner workings of animals if they were robotic for a fun twist whilst the Brave New World collection looks at a child’s view of the future when robots rule the earth.

The equally as imaginative Spitfires, Hand Made and Puzzle wallpaper collections are designed to also add fun and character to any child’s bedroom or playroom.

The PaperBoy Wallpaper Collection comes in a variety of contemporary colour schemes which not only nod to current colour trends but offer a timeless approach to wallpaper design for the future.

Browse all the PaperBoy Wallpaper Collections to find the perfect one for your home this season.