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The Rasch Club Wallpaper Collection is a range of sophisticated, interesting designs that caters for everyone and every style. Texture and layout are emphasised in this collection, and there’s something in every colour. Whatever your style, the Club wallpapers are daring and exciting. Just a hint of texture or a splash of colour will get everyone talking, and they’re sophisticated enough for formal or smart areas as well as casual spaces in the home. 

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German wallpaper company Rasch has been creating amazing decor designs for more than half a century. They have a wonderful understanding of personal style and taste while keeping up with the latest trends to bring their clients a superb collection of wallpapers, with something for every single preference.

The Rasch Club Wallpaper Collection is a range of tactile, textured designs that exude exciting character. They range from neutral whites to bright, interesting colours, with some geometric patterns included.

The Club Collection is all about fascinating texture. You’ll find suave leather textures, luxurious faux fur, and unique fibrous textures. Plain colours, striped layouts, geometric patterns, and panel-style detailing are all unique and catch your attention.

Although the colours are plain, the textures more than make up for the lack of pattern. They make you want to run your hand along the wall as you walk in - which you can do, because these wallpapers are also washable.

This means you’ll be able to keep them clan even if you can’t keep your hands off of them. They’re also suitable for rooms in which splashing may occur, like bathrooms or kitchens.

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