Factory IV Wallpaper Collection

Wallpaper brand Rasch’s Factory IV Wallpaper Collection is inspired by the minimalist, rustic industrial style. It’s all about neutral colours, modern patterns, and exposed material looks with Factory IV designs. Bring a factory-style charm to any room with these subtle contemporary designs. It’s a simple way to add some character to your home while remaining neutral in colour. This range includes a variety of textures, muted tones, and fine patterns. Whatever mood you’re looking for, there’s a design in this collection that will work for you.

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Rasch is a German brand that’s been creating classy wallpapers since 1861. Currently under the leadership of the 5th generation of the Rasch family, they’re still making wallpapers to suit every style and need. They didn’t come this far by being average, either. Their excellent quality and sophisticated designs set them apart.

One of their more modern collections is the Factory IV Wallpaper Collection. If you’re looking for neutral colours set in interesting, warehouse-inspired patterns, this is the collection you should be browsing through.

The Factory IV Wallpaper Collection includes an array of unique industrial-style wallpapers in a range of muted neutral colours. Each one also has an interesting but subtle texture or pattern, some of which include metallic features.

Some are plain and use their slight texture as their main feature. Others are patterned with interesting geometric designs or light flecks. Yet others are adorned with full-fledged brickwork, reminiscent of a rugged factory wall.

The wallpapers in this collection are washable. As such, they’re also suitable for use in “wet” rooms, like kitchens, bathrooms, and pool rooms. Browse through the Rasch Factory IV Wallpaper Collection at Go Wallpaper UK to find a contemporary design to bring some industrial flair to your home.