Kimono Wallpaper Collection

The Rasch Kimono Wallpaper Collection truly has something for every taste. The collection is a group of varied patterns, colours, and textures. If you’re looking for plain, it’s there in bright or pastel shades. If you’re looking for patterns, there’s a fun, colourful range to choose from. Whichever one of these designs you choose to decorate your home, it will be noticed. Friends, neighbours, and family members will enjoy the feeling in your home, and even those who live in the home won’t get bored. 

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Rasch is a German company who makes their wallpapers with a mix of typical German precision and a creative, interesting flair. They’ve been bringing homeowners exciting, warm, fun, and homey designs for over half a century. They offer something for every taste and style.

The Rasch Kimono Wallpaper Collection is a group of silky, colourful designs, each with its own unique character. They range from light, pastel colours to bright, busy patterns, with a few different types of patterns in between.

The Kimono Collection’s wallpapers are all about bringing nature and its beauty right to you in your home. Choose from plain designs in natural, earthy or leafy tones, or go truly wild and select something bright, tropical-esque, and busy.

If plain is your preference, they’ve got something in every colour. Light, dark, smooth, mottled; no matter your desire, you’ll find something suitable for your walls.

The Kimono range also includes a variety of nature-inspired patterns. Pretty leaves, bright flowers, birds, and even fish are some of the designs you’ll find.

If you have enough nature in your home already, you may enjoy the addition of one of the intriguing geometric designs to your room.

Whichever one you choose; it comes with a subtle texture for even more interesting character. The other good news is that they're all washable, so you can easily keep them clean and they’re also suitable for use in rooms where they could be splashed.

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