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The Rasch Linares Collection is all about subtle character. A sleek collection of lightly textured, patterned, and plain but mottled colours, there’s truly something for every sense of style in this range. 

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Rasch is a multi-generational company who’s been around for half a century. They’ve spent that time strategically crafting their wallpapers into beautiful, eye-catching designs, with something to cater to just about any taste and any home.

Their Linares Collection is filled with exciting character. It ranges from light, pastel-shaded single colours to bright, edgy geometrics in a variety of hues. Choose from a few different patterns, classic or contemporary, or go for a more plain, subtle option.

The Linares range includes a collection of palm leaf patterns for a tropical vibe. If natural and beachy is what you’re going for, these could be your new favourite design.

Creatives who want a more interesting, abstract design can opt for one of the geometrics, which feature triangular shapes in various colours, overlapping to form a mesmerising pattern.

On the other hand, if you want something less busy, you can choose from a rainbow of different shades in a lightly plastered texture.

All of these wallpapers have a light texture to them for added character. They’re easy to apply and are also washable, which means you can use them in any room of your choosing, even if there’s a chance of them being splashed.

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