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Platina Wallpaper Collection

Wallpaper brand Rasch’s Platina Collection offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a tropical ambience or a sleek, curvy abstract pattern, there’s something in this collection that will be right at home in your space. Stand out from the rest with one of these designs. Confident, elegant, and interesting, choosing one of these wallpapers is a quick and simple way to add character and colour to your space. The range includes bold, colourful, vintage, shiny, floral, modern, and even abstract. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the Rasch Platina Collection. 

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Rasch is a fifth-generation wallpaper company that takes pride in their detailed, sophisticated, and versatile designs. They create their wallpapers with typical German precision and quality. The company began in 1861, so they’ve spent a century and a half perfecting their unique and eye-catching creations.

Their Platina Collection is an interesting collection which is bound to catch the attention of any visitor in your home. If you’re searching for something bright and natural, something that has pleasing patterns, or something that catches the light, you’ll find something in this collection that goes great in your home.

The Platina Collection includes a range of brightly coloured tropical floral wallpapers, which bring summer cheer to the home. If they’re a little too bright for your liking, you may prefer one of their striking patterns, which include damask designs and curvy ogee patterns.

The most subtle of their wallpapers feature small metallic flecks on silky backgrounds, in a variety of neutral colours with a light metallic sheen.

All the wallpapers in the Platina Collection feature light metallic touches, which add a bit of luxurious shine to your room. They’re also all lightly textured, adding a bit more subtle personality.

Before you buy, take note that the Rasch Platina Collection should not be used in rooms where there’s a chance of them getting splashed. Bathrooms and kitchens will have to use a different collection.

Take your time searching through the Rasch Platina Collection at Go Wallpaper UK and find the ideal one for you.

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