Poetry II Wallpaper Collection

The Poetry II Wallpaper Collection has something to suit your taste, enhancing your walls and changing the mood in your lovely home. Engage your unique flair for decorating and choose from these lovely textured and washable wallpapers. Available at Go Wallpaper UK.

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The Poetry II Wallpaper Collection offers you, the discerning homeowner, excellent quality materials, superb texture and durability on your walls and above all, an eclectic choice of stunning wallpapers to choose from.

You are sure to find a suitable wallpaper in this varied collection. The floral styles range from delicate distressed palms in natural colours to animated birds amidst fragile blossoms to fields of flowers in artistic watercolours. For something a little bolder consider stripes in striking colour combinations or rich damask weaves. Each of the patterned wallpapers has a beautifully textured  plain colour to match, finishing your rooms off in style.

The washable wallpapers work well in all rooms, from your comfortable living areas and busy hallways to cosy bedrooms and functional bathrooms and kitchens. Find your dream wallpaper now from the Poetry II Wallpaper Collection at Go Wallpaper UK.