Salisbury Wallpaper Collection

Whatever your home decor goals, the Rasch Salisbury Collection has something for you. It’s an eclectic collection of wallpapers, featuring a mixture of bright, summery patterns and plain, colourful palettes. Your home will be the centre of attention with one of these exciting wallpapers decorating it. Add something special to your space with a vivid colour, or go for sauve with more of a pastel shade. If you want a summer feeling all year long, there’s a multitude of tropical, nature-based designs to choose from. 

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Like everything the Germans do, Rasch creates their wallpapers with extreme precision and attention to detail. The fifth-generation business has spent the last half-century perfecting a wide range of designs and making sure they have something for every type of person and every type of home.

The Rasch Salisbury Collection is interesting and colourful. If you want a fresh, country feeling in your home, there’s bound to be something you like in this range. You can choose from busy, eye-catching patterns or plain shades that focus entirely on colour.

This collection includes a variety of bright, busy flower-themed designs that keep that spring or summer feeling in your home all year round. They’re available in both strong colours or muted shades, so there’s something to match every kind of decor.

If patterns are too much for your room, browse through the single shades. There’s no need to go entirely neutral, although the range does include some lovely neutral wallpapers. But if you want something bold, eye-catching, and plain at the same time, their feature colours are an excellent choice.

The wallpapers in the Rasch Salisbury Collection are flat paper and easy to apply. As a bonus, they’re also washable so you can place them in “wet” rooms like bathrooms and kitchen areas. There’s no place in the home that you can’t use these designs!

Take some time and look through the Rasch Salisbury Collection at Go Wallpaper UK to find the ideal ones for your space.