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Polystyrene Wallpaper Collection

Welcome to our Saarpor Polystyrene Wallpaper Collection. Specially developed with advanced technology, to create an effective layer of insulation in your home along with effective energy savings and sound insulation.

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Saarpor’s Polystyrene Wallpaper Collection is specially designed to provide a base layer of insulation for your walls or ceiling. Designed to help keep homes warmer and more energy efficient, this innovative Polystyrene Wallpaper Collection is a must for any home.

Offering both thermal and sound insulation, Saarpor Polystyrene Wallpaper is easy to hang and makes a great addition to any room. What’s more, the Polystyrene Wallpaper Collection can also be used to cover minor cracks and wall imperfections for a smoother, more professional finish.

Browse the Saarpor Polystyrene Wallpaper Collection now to find the perfect roll for your DIY project.