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Studio 465

Studio 465, a sub brand of Wallquest, offers you the most inspiring wallcoverings from one of the eminent names in the wallcovering industry. Committed to providing innovative designs, Studio 465 will help you create a personalised space that reflects your story and suits your style!

With creative in-house designs from a team of expert hands, Studio 465 gives you the finest inspirations to help you with your wall decorating needs. Their long history of dedication has introduced many wallpapers evolution and printing innovations that brought the best designs.

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Studio 465 provides a unique range of inspiring wallpaper designs in the market today. Their love of design along with new technology and the skill of expert hands has produced excellent quality and an extensive variety of excellent designs that are both beautiful and durable.

Distinguished in its craft, Studio 465 distributes its creations around the world with a wide range of commercial wallcoverings. Features an array of modern, classic, metallic, non-woven, textured wallpaper designs produced in sophisticated and on-trend colourways.

Embracing texture, colours, and patterns, Studio 465 continually seeks perfection to provide up to date design inspire for styling your home. Transform your space with oozing glamour and refinement with the wallcoverings made by the passionate hands of this brand.

Studio 465 takes pride in its high-end manufacturing and eco-friendly approach to producing a range of bespoke wallcoverings. Take a look at Studio 465’s wallpaper collections for inspiration to experiment with your interior design and give you the feeling you’re looking for