Studio Onszelf

We love a wallpaper brand with a good creation story so are proud to present the vision and creativity behind the Studio Onszelf wallpaper brand. A stunning offering of eye-catching wallpaper and wall mural designs including the hit collection aptly known as the Most Fabulous Wallpaper Collection.

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We love a designer wallpaper brand with a story and there’s a great story behind eye-catching wallpaper brand Studio Onszelf so we thought you’d love to hear it. Astrid and Claudia met at work and were drawn together by their love of design and shared a unique philosophy. In 2003, these two designers came together to create Studio Onszelf which offers a striking range of wallpaper designs, wall murals, stationery, posters and even crockery items. Their vision is to update and transform homes across Europe.

Their unique approach to print design has led to a wide range of diverse themed wallpaper designs which reflects their urban, playful style. Their designs will quickly and easily refresh any room, bring it shape, colour and creativity.

At Go Wallpaper UK we are proud to stock a number of wallpaper collection from the Studio Onzself brand.