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Versace II Wallpaper Collection

Versace II Wallpaper Collection

The next in the design house’s gorgeous series of wallpaper designs, the Versace II collection introduces an elegant and ornamental touch for rooms. Flamboyant Baroque scrolls, large scale tropical palm leaves and detailed Greek key designs beautifully dominate rooms to show them in their best light.

Set Descending Direction

The Versace Wallpaper Collection II makes walls wow with a series of flamboyant, unique and decadent designs, instantly identifiable as having the luxury Italian design house’s inimitable stamp. Versace is all about glamour and this collection with its large scale tropical leaves, cascading metallic, glittering scrolls and intertwined Greek key designs on heavily-textured backgrounds certainly continue that heritage with aplomb.

The Versace Wallpaper Collection II is a glorious dip into wallpaper creations designed to make not just the walls, but your entire room, come alive in a brilliant and sophisticated fashion. You can’t not find something you will instantly fall in love with here.