For ambience in your home that suits your unique style consider a Wall-art mural as a backdrop to your tasteful furnishing. From cool forest settings to sunlit seascapes, quirky pop art to sublime watercolours, fun for kids and flowers galore, you are sure to find a mural that works for you.

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Stimulate your creativity with a Wall-art mural on your walls, adding artistic beauty and an ambience in your home that is unique to you.

Wall-art covers a range of styles, from photographic art to the grand masters from centuries ago, modern and funky pop art, or just plain aesthetic beauty.

There is much to be said for a small pocket of harmonious nature on your walls: a misty forest or a sunlit stretch of grass, tall trees swaying in the wind or a vase of flowers in brilliant colour, ephemeral dandelions or a stretch of soft beach sand, infusing your rooms with a sense of peace and creating a natural balance in your life.

If it’s modern and dramatic you are after, there is a choice of neon art in electric colours, black and white art making a stark statement on your walls, or a stunning golden swan against a black moon.

Stimulate those developing minds with scenes of African elephants, a large cuddly panda complete with top hat and bowtie, friendly forest animals or Jurassic dinosaurs. This is the stuff that happy childhood memories are made of.

Easy to install, these wall murals promise to captivate and intrigue, adding depth to your rooms and transforming your home into your personal sanctuary. Available at Go Wallpaper UK.