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Wallrock Lining Paper is the preferable choice when it comes to home DIY and professional use. A perfect solution for hiding wall imperfections as well as being incredibly strong and durable. Wallrock lining papers have an extra bonus of being paste the wall products for quick and easy application.

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Erfurt Mav use their extensive experience to create a range of lining papers which will smooth and even out problem walls. Wallrock Lining Paper is perfect for disguising small plastering imperfections like pits, dents, bumps minor cracks, creating an even surface for wallpapering.

Not only a great way to disguise problem walls, Wallrock Lining Paper can also be used as a base for applying wallpaper, helping to keep it firmly on the wall for years to come. In a range of different grades, there is a Wallrock Lining Paper suitable for your needs, shop the range now.