Wallrock Magnetwall

A revolution in home décor,  Wallrock’s Magnetwall Magnetic Wallpaper allows you to easily turn any space into a magnetic noticeboard – perfect for the home office or family room.

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Wallrock are market leaders in the advanced home décor stakes. Their aim is to solve common decorating problems in innovative ways. More than just a wallpaper manufacturer, Wallrock pride themselves on their advanced lining papers and other must-have clever designs for wall coverings.

Wallrock have combined wall coverings with function to create the much loved Wallrock Magnetwall Magnetic Wallpaper. This truly innovative lining paper is easy to use and will turn any wall into a magnet – perfect for creating a noticeboard in any space. Perfect for a study, home office, kids bedroom or family room, the Wallrock Magnetwall Magnetic Wallpaper allows you to attach anything to your wall with traditional magnets or Wallrock’s premier Neodymium Magnets.

Suitable for home or commercial applications, the Wallrock Magnetwall Magnetic Wallpaper will revolutionise how you can use your walls. For added convenience, once applied and fully dried, you can paint or paper over the top for a custom finish.