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8 Panel Wallpaper Murals 8ft x 6.6ft

8 Panel Wallpaper Murals 8ft x 6.6ft

The Walltastic 8 Panel Wallpaper Murals are special designs with children in mind. Beautiful digital 3D prints with bright and bold colours featuring some TV and Disney characters to vibrant graffiti. Perfect as a feature wall.

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Walltastic 8 Panel Murals are specially designed with children in mind. This stunning collection of wall murals are inspired by your child’s imagination and includes generic themed murals like dinosaurs, pirates and fairies as well as all your children’s favourite Disney and TV characters.

Digitally produced to a high quality, Walltastic Wall Murals come in bright, bold colours for a fun look. Easy to hang and coordinating perfectly with Walltastic’s sticker kits, you can customise the look to suit your child’s bedroom.

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