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Installation Products

Installation Products

Our fabulous range of Walltastic installation products are specially designed to allow you to install any of the Walltastic wall coverings, including wall murals with ease.

Taking the hassle out of decorating, it is so much easier to transform any room in your home..

Set Descending Direction

As a leading supplier of Walltastic wall coverings, we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of wall murals, room décor kits, wall posters and other wall coverings.

We’re thrilled to also offer a range of Walltastic Installation products which offer convenience and ease when applying Walltastic wall coverings, including wall murals.

Choose the Walltastic All Purpose Wallpaper and Mural Paste to make sure you have the right adhesive for the job. Offering a long-lasting, professional finish, this all purpose paste comes ready to mix and is suitable for virtually any home décor job you have in mind.

Hanging a wall mural? Opt or the Walltastic Double Sided Mural Tape. A great alternative o wallpaper paste, this no-mess solution is a breeze to use, making transforming any room, quicker than ever.

Browse the full collection of Walltastic Installation products to find the right option for your needs.