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Internal Damp Proofing

Internal Damp Proofing

Specialist solutions for internal damp proofing. See our wide range of innovative damp proof wallpapers and paints to tackle condensation problems and damp wall issues.

Damp Proof Wallpaper

Damp problems in your home will lead to unpleasant smells, unsightly stains and an unhealthy home. Luckily, we stock a wide range of products especially suited to damp walls which will help to eliminate the problem.

Our range includes specially designed damp proof wallpapers which help to create a barrier between damp walls and wallpapers. This foil wallpaper is perfect for applying directly to bare walls and will stop the moisture from seeping into your wallpaper.

As well as damp proof wallpapers, we also have a selection of anti-damp, mould and mildew primers and paints which can be used on problem walls. These can help to trap in the smell of damp whilst combatting the issue.

So if you’re looking for a solution to your internal damp proofing problems, browse our range to find the perfect product for your home.