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Damage Wall & Ceiling Repair

Damage Wall & Ceiling Repair

If you have damaged walls then we can provide a number of solutions for wall and ceiling repair, as well as saving you time and money. Take a look at our comprehensive and professional range of heaviest lining papers.

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Damaged Wall Repair

A simple redecorating job can soon become complicated if you encounter damaged walls. Unfortunately, when some people encounter these issues, they simply cover with standard lining paper or wallpaper and pretend the damage isn’t there. However, this doesn’t provide a solution to the problem and can lead to further problems such as tears in wallpaper and uneven walls. 

If you encounter damaged walls, there are a number of options available to you without the need to get your walls re-plastered. The heaviest lining paper available usually resolves most issues, not only helping to disguise the problematic wall but also helping to support it and hold the damaged plaster together.

 Browse our comprehensive range of lining papers to find the perfect one for your home.