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Condensation Problems

Condensation Problems

Condensation problems – A common cause of damp in your home. Take a look at our range of anti-damp and breathable wallpapers to help reduce moisture build up in a room and allow a better flow of air.

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Condensation Problems

Unfortunately, condensation problems are a common occurrence in many homes. There are a number of reasons that condensation appears in the home, in the majority of cases, it includes the use of hot water and therefore steam in a room, typically the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. This steam has no way of escaping from the room and therefore returns to moisture and sits on the walls and ceilings, causing damp problems including mildew and mould.

In some instances, simply opening a window can alleviate the problem as the steam will disperse outside. However this might not be a practical solution. There are other DIY solutions available at Go Wallpaper UK.

We offer a range of breathable wallpapers that can help reduce moisture build up in your home by allowing a better flow of air. Our anti-damp wallpapers, primers and paints can also help to reduce the problems related to condensation such as staining and health problems.

With so many great condensation control options available, we’re confident that you’ll find the right product for your home online.