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Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner



Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner

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Product specifications

Recommended Adhesive: Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive
Adhesive Usage Per Roll: 7kg (On Average)
Substrate: Polyester / Non-Woven
Application: Paste the Wall / Check roll Direction before Hanging
Thickness: 4mm
Roll Size: 15m x 1m Wide
Roll Coverage: 15 Square Metres
Finish: Flat (Paintable)

Product description

Wallrock Klimatec KV600 Thermal Liner – put simply, ‘The Big Brother of Wallrock Thermal Liner’ is a new and improved thermal lining paper that draws on all of the successes of Erfurt Mav’s Wallrock Thermal Liner, but provides even greater insulation benefits. Read on to learn more about this incredible insulation product and how you can save money on your heating bills this Winter.

Benefits of Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner

  • 25% More Insulation over Standard Thermal Liner

  • Promotes a Healthy Environment by Allowing Walls to Breathe

  • 1 Metre Rolls meaning Less Joints/Seams

  • 25% Thicker over the Standard Thermal Liner at 4mm

  • Can be painted or overhung with another paste-the-wall liner for perfect finish 

  • Dramatically Reduces Heat Loss Through Walls & Ceilings

  • Significantly reduces warm up times, creating a cosier environment

  • Reduces energy consumption and CO² emissions

  • Combats condensation formation and subsequent mould problems

  • Reduces noise transmission

  • Tough damage resistant surface

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Covers and smoothes damaged or even lightly textured walls and ceilings.

  • Provides a stable, tough surface for further decoration

  • Flexible, High Performance, Thermal Insulation

    As the ultimate, flexible, Thermal lining paper, Wallrock KV600 delivers enhanced insulation performance when compared to other types of insulating lining papers and ensures that your home is substantially warmer and cheaper to heat. Not only is Wallrock KV600 an insulator, it also combats condensation, mould, covers cracks and some textured wallpapers, and it’s hypoallergenic too.

    Wallrock KV600 is made from the same technologically advanced material used in Standard Wallrock Thermal Liner but at 4mm, it’s 25% thicker. As the most effective product in Erfurt MAV’s range of thermal lining papers, KV600 offers an improvement in heat insulation on internal walls and ceilings, which significantly boosting its energy saving properties and making your home cosy and cheaper to heat.

    How Wallrock KV600 Thermal LinerWorks

    It begins to work from the moment the heating is turned on and is especially effective on walls where the other side is exposed to the elements or an unheated room.

    By applying the Thermal barrier to the inside of a room, more of the start up heat is trapped inside rather than being sucked out by the cold wall or ceiling - thus reducing warm up times significantly- some studies showing a reduction in time of more than 70%.

    The wall or ceiling surface warms up much faster too thus reducing cold air currents and draughts that can make occupants feel cold – most of us have experienced standing near a cold window in a warm room and still feeling cold. Once the room is up to temperature, KV600 carries on working providing significant reductions in energy lost through the surface

    Whilst KV600 is especially useful on walls and ceilings where there is no other insulation such as solid brick or stone walls it can also be used as a complementary product to external insulation as it will not only add to the overall insulation provided but will also reduce warm up times and combat condensation.

    Reduces Condensation & Mould Growth

    Condensation forms when the warm air hits a cold wall or ceiling, the bigger the difference between the room air temperature and the surface temperature of the wall the worse condensation problems are likely to be. The same as cold drink outside on a warm summer day when condensation forms on the the glass.

    Wallrock KV600 simply allows the wall temperature to get close to the room air temperature quickly and thus reduces condensation formation, even in susceptible ‘cold corners’. The less condensation the less fuel for mould to grow and develop.

    Covers Cracked, Damaged & Textured Walls

    Because Wallrock KV600 is thick, flexible and strong it can cover up and reinforce minor to moderate cracks, rough plaster and other wall imperfections without the need to pre-level. It can also be used to cover some textured wallpapers including fine woodchip.

    Sound Insulation

    Wallrock KV600 also helps reduce sound pollution through the wall or ceiling. If you require specific sound insulation characteristics we recommend you seek technical advice regarding your requirements.

    Quick & Easy to Hang

    Rolls are wider (1 metre) and longer (15 metres) giving twice the coverage of standard Wallrock Thermal Liner so you can hang it even faster using the paste the wall method, and have less seams.

    Important - If you are planning to hang lining paper or Wallpaper on top of Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner, we strongly recommend that you use a non-woven lining paper such as Wallrock Fibreliner.

    Traditional lining paper shrinks and expands when pasted and can cause lifting on the joints. In contrast, non-woven lining paper is stable and ensures a perfect finish.

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