Our extensive range of lining paper includes non-woven designs as well as convenient to use paste the wall lining papers. Designed to hide cracks and wall imperfections as well as smoothing walls, the choice of lining paper for walls today is supreme.

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Once upon a time, decorators used newspaper to line walls before applying wallpaper. Although this was a great way to offer added insulation and an attempt at evening out surfaces, luckily things have changed a lot since then, and for the better. A wide range of wallpaper suppliers now offer lining paper which is specially designed to solve a whole host of decorating issues.

Lining paper, sometimes referred to as lining wallpaper, is designed to do everything from helping strengthen walls to disguising cracks and imperfections, whilst helping to smooth and even out walls. Lining papers come in grades which relate to their thickness and suitability for use so be sure to check the one you’re buying will meet your needs before investing.

Our extensive range of lining papers include non-woven designs as well as convenient to use paste the wall lining paper. For those looking to reduce their impact on the environment, we also stock a range of eco lining papers made from recycled materials or sustainable forests.

So whatever room you’re decorating this season, be sure to put lining paper on your wish list for a job well done.