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1200 Grade Lining Paper

1200 Grade Lining Paper

1200 Grade lining paper is a professional grade lining paper which has superb strength and is easy to cut. Another lining paper of superior quality from Erfurt Mav which creates a superb smooth finish to your walls.

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1200 grade Lining Paper

Lining paper grades determine the construction and the thickness of lining paper. The higher the number, the thicker the lining paper. In the case of 1200 grade lining paper, it’s a medium thickness lining paper that is ideal for most home decorating projects.

Not one of the thickest grades although still of a good thickness, 1200 grade lining paper is still perfectly adequate for smoothing and evening walls that are not too badly damaged. Easily disguising pits, dent s and hairline cracks in plaster, plasterboard and other materials it can help to create a more professional finish.

At Go Wallpaper UK, we stock professional 1200 grade lining paper from some of the leading suppliers so you can be assured of a great quality lining paper every time. Browse our range to find the perfect product for your home decorating needs.