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  • Neutral Glitter Wallpaper Designs

    Spring is all about fresh, bright colours. Team this with the current fashion for metallic shades and glittering finishes and you may end up with some very bold home décor designs this season. If a bold look isn’t your thing, fear not. At Go Wallpaper we have found a number of metallic and glitter wallpaper designs which come in timeless beige and cream shades. This will ...

  • Black and White Wallpaper – Contemporary and Dramatic

    Black and White Wallpaper has one of those colour schemes that simply never goes out of fashion. The same is happening for Spring 2018. Black and white is now contemporary and dramatic making it the hottest trend for redecorating your home this season.

  • All That Glitters for Interior Design

    For the past few seasons, bronze and gold wallpaper has been making a dramatic come back into the world of interior design. Inspired by the fashion trends in London and Milan, it’s no surprise that these luxurious colour schemes are still on-trend in the world of home décor.

  • Retro Wallpaper Designs - Orange and Blue Styling

    Retromania is all the rage this season and with so many awesome patterns and intense colours to choose from, you might be spoilt for choice. So here are four of our favourite retro wallpaper designs from the extensive collection available at Go Wallpaper UK.

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