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Monthly Archives: March 2017

  • Red Wallpaper Transitions with Pantone of the Year 2017

    We’re always thrilled to hear the big reveal for Pantone of the year. Why? Because the Pantone of the year goes a long way in setting the predominant colours of the season. This year we’re excited about the Pantone of the Year and about the transition colours that complement it, especially red wallpaper.

  • Green or Blue - Try Teal Wallpaper As A Compromise

    The Pantone of the year is a lush, vibrant green yet the transitional colours include dark shades of blue this season. Not sure which you prefer – green or blue? Then choose a beautiful compromise with teal wallpaper this season.

  • Silver Wallpaper and Home Décor Ideas With Sheer Elegance

    When it comes to interior design, trends and fashions change year on year. This season home décor magazines are awash with silver – wallpaper, accessories, home furnishings, it’s all about silver and grey tones with sheer elegance in different finishes. With that in mind we’ve found three silver wallpaper designs we’re sure you’ll love this season.

  • Purple Wallpaper Perfection – Plain and Patterned Designs To Die For

    Purple is associated with luxury and power, royalty, grandeur and wealth. This year, purple is bang on trend for the coming season so we thought we’d share some of our favourite patterned and plain purple wallpaper designs with you.

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