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For the past few seasons, bronze and gold wallpaper has been making a dramatic come back into the world of interior design. Inspired by the fashion trends in London and Milan, it’s no surprise that these luxurious colour schemes are still on-trend in the world of home décor.

Have you stopped to consider why gold, bronze and copper are so sought after for the home? Well it’s simple. They offer warmth, a subtle vibrancy and a stunning elegance. Other metallic wallpaper shades simply don’t have this to offer. Many designer wallpaper brands offer bronze and gold wallpaper designs. Here are our three favourite designs to add luxury to your home this season.

Sophisticated Gold Wallpaper from Muriva

First of all, we have Muriva wallpaper forever on trend thanks to their creative design teams. They have combined the trend for gold wallpaper with another wallpaper trend from this season. So they create a beautiful look which is sure to make a welcome addition to any room. The Muriva Fashion Library Glitter Wallpaper in Gold features a dramatic book shelf design. This beautifully blends a wallpaper design of yesteryear. The contemporary styling also creates a stunning new look.  A gold colour scheme adds that all important elegance for the season. Glitter accents create a whole new dimension to the design. We think that this gold wallpaper is ideal for use in a home office, sitting room as a feature wall.

Style Tip: Add a stack of books to a side table or coffee table and gold candelabra to create an authentic look.

Dramatic Copper Wallpaper from Arthouse

On the bronze and gold wallpaper trend, copper wallpaper is a great addition to the colour mix. Rich, warm and vibrant, it offers all the luxury of gold wallpaper without the yellow hue.  We love the Arthouse Ardita Leaf Glitter Wallpaper in Copper for the coming season. Inspired by the tropical trend, this wallpaper design is fabulous. Featuring a dramatic charcoal grey and metallic copper colour scheme for a stylish look.  With a large, bold print this palm leaf wallpaper is perfect for creating a feature wall. Furthermore, it works especially well in a living room or master bed.

Style Tip: Enhance the tropical design by adding a leafy green plant to the room.

Eye-Catching Copper Wallpaper from Fine Décor

Finally, Fine Décor are renowned for their wallpaper designs. We are not surprised to find a fabulous selection of bronze and gold wallpaper styles within their collection. It is a copper wallpaper design which has caught our eye for creating the look of the season. The Fine Décor Apex Trellis Copper/Charcoal Wallpaper gives geometric styling an elegant make over thanks to a chic charcoal and copper colour scheme. A beautiful geometric inspired trellis design offers style whilst the metallic finish oozes glamour. We think this stunning wallpaper is perfect for use as a feature wall when teamed with a coordinating grey wallpaper design.

Style Tip: Add copper home accessories to really bring out the warm copper undertones of this great design.


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