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Paint Suppliers Now Stocking Environmentally Friendly Paint

Although global warming, CFCs and other environmental issues go in and out of fashion in the world of news reporting, it doesn’t mean that they should be forgotten about. The truth is that every little thing you do to help protect the environment today will make a big impact in the years to come. We’re sure that you’ve heard of recycled lining paper, FSC wallpaper and a number of other environmentally friendly decorating products but did you know that you can now buy paint from a number of leading paint suppliers which is environmentally friendly? In this article to take a look at just one brand of environmentally friendly paint, Earth Friendly Paint and look at how it can be used to achieve the latest trends.

Earth Friendly Paint
Designer paint brand Earth Friendly Paint has been specially designed to help reduce your impact on the environment whilst decorating your own home. The paint is classed as recycled and offers a high solid content, making decorating a breeze. It offers excellent coverage, making it ideal for use throughout your home and is even quick drying for convenience. It also emits a low odour instead of the harsh smell of standard paint, making it better for your health as well as the environment.

The Earth Friendly Paint Range comes in a range of finishes including matte for a flat look, vinyl silk for a glossy look and eyeshell for those wanting something in between. The paint is available to buy from paint suppliers in a total of twenty two different shades and is even suitable as trade paint.

The Latest Paint Trends
The latest trend when it comes to interior design is to have a feature wall. This wall is covered in an eye-catching heavily patterned wallpaper in one of this season’s hottest colour combinations of either bright blue and mushroom brown or orange and misty grey. The trend is for the other walls to be painted in a flat, matte colour in just one of the shades featured in the wallpaper. Earth Friendly’s wide range of shades is ideal for achieving this look. Their bright blue toned Sky Blue shade is the perfect shade for this summer’s hottest look and works really well with the both the brown colour scheme of the season and with bright fuchsia pink and even lemon yellow which are also popular for 2013. Alternatively if you’re following the grey and orange theme, the Earth Friendly heritage ivory designer paint shade is ideal for brightening up a room and looks particularly good when teamed with eye-catching floral wallpaper.

For those who don’t particularly like heavily patterned wallpapers, a feature wall can be created by teaming an intensive shade of paint such as Earth Friendly Chilli Red Emulsion with a more subtle shade such as Velvet Cream or Magnolia. There are also some great other shades available to create the perfect feature wall look in any room of your home.