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19 January 2018
Glue, glue & more glue
One parcel went walkabouts during delivery but after a call to Go Wallpaper it was with me the next day, can't fault the service. I'd enlisted the help of my brother (who is a decorator) to give me a hand fitting it and it must be warned this stuff is a real pig to work with, not easy to manoeuvre and by the time it's in position the glue had often already dried. Given most people will be buying this to help remedy the cold from solid walls in old buildings, nothing tends to be perfectly flat or square making the challenge all the more entertaining. The secret is applying as much glue as you think the wall can possibly hold and then do it again. I can't stress this point enough! Plenty of stanley blades are also essential as they blunt very quickly and a decent pair of scissors. That all being said, once up the wall was noticeably less cold to the touch and looks pretty decent too.
12 July 2016
beat all expectations
Firstly cant fault go wallpaper my orders were always despatched and delivered really quickly and i have placed at least 6 orders recently. I originally purchased wallrock thermal liner to use on a bedroom wall that was always cold and damp , well not only did it sort out the cold damp problem but the finish it created was fantastic , my wall looked like it had just been plastered . This spurred me on and systematically over the last 9 months I have redecorated my whole house using an assortment of the liners according to how much insulation was needed on the outside walls and using fibre liners on other walls . (i used the new zero fire resistant liner on the kitchen dinner - its brilliant and such a good idea ) i also used fibre liner over the thermal liner and just painted or wallpapered with paste the wall paper . The walls are smooth and warm to touch and it not only has it created a warm environment but it made applying the top finish a doodle . As other people have commented the thermal liner isn't the easiest to apply , you must make sure you give a good coat of adhesive to the wall and then i went over again before presenting the paper to the wall and this seemed to work well and as everybody else also states a really good supply of new blades to cut the liner as they blunt quickly then let it dry out totally and then chalk any gaps . Cant praise this product enough it does take time to apply and then top with liner but the end result is so worth it .
13 June 2015
Wallrock Thermal Liner
Excellent, faultless service from GoWallpaper, no problems at all. I bought multi pack, 2 rolls plus 10kg adhesive. It only took one roll to do outer wall of our bedroom, so have enough left to insulate another room.Easier than i thought it would be to apply and then just Emulsioned it, and it looks great. Have recommended it ( and this site) to family members. Thank you.
2 May 2015
Absolutely a superb
Absolutely a superb product, covers & smooths walls that are full of defects & anything but flat. Pasting the wall makes papering so easy & quick. Would recommend this product to the first time diy er all the way to full time pro.
11 March 2015
I'll be buying from GoWallpaper again
The Wallrock Thermal Liner performs exactly as claimed; it was easy to put up but make sure you have a good quality knife to trim it, it doesn't really need the Fibreliner but I'll put it anyway. Using this has saved a great deal of time hassle and expense - the alternative would have been to totally remove the old plaster and dab Celotex/Extratherm or Kingspan boards and then skim. The service from GoWallPaper was excellent.; from the knowledgeable responses to my initial calls to the next day delivery and the quick and efficient replacement of a damaged item
18 January 2015
Not sure
Have used on large cold flank wall in bedroom .Too early to say if any real difference but hoping it is. Needs lots of adhesive to hang and found quite easy to cut with Stanley type knife but must have a sharp blade.Easy to paint .
2 January 2015
Takes some time to get right but pleased with results.
Delivery delays from a was-delivery company, but once the 3 separated(!?)parcel components arrived, happy. I have a small kitchen/diner extension and needed a slimmer alternative to kingspan type thermal board due to space. I had a pretty experienced decorator, but it was hard for him to adapt immediately to this material. I had read many reviews and was confident we could tackle it though. But lots of tricky edges and wobbly walls make life hard. My summary of tips hopefully may be useful, sorry if I have repeated people. Definitely snap off blades, loads, I had a stanley which was tough going, sharp scissors would be great too, pointy like hairdressing ones. By the end I realised, if I had space I would have laid out the pieces and 'double buttered the edges and as much as possible first. The instructions on the adhesive are minimal, flaky paint parts are a nightmare with a roller! The glue really draws inn so repositioning like lining is near impossible without bits of glue drying first. I ended up often going over drying glue with a brush again if i had to peel back, quite fiddly. 'Double buttering' also allows for a little bit more repositioning. With sharp corners, avoid trying to wrap around at all,super butter the edge piece, make sure glue is absorbed all along. Then when that side is dry, you can use a super sharp knife to trim it flush, then again generously butter the edge, and the liner-rear. I would run a thumb and forefinger down, 'pinching' the corner firmly to get both faced solidly glued. Once this is dry you have a harder 'crispier' edge to cut reasonably. But the fibre blunts blades badly! I caulked in between 'patches' where liner did not totally meet, which avoided obvious joins later as it is not perfect. It was really handy to have another person who can cut and help with the stages. I did a tricky cupboard afterwards, if your patient, once you have cut the thermal liner for a tricky part, it could be a template for the fibreliner if you are using one which will save time. Finding fixings can be a nightmare, if you do not mark them as you go!! Beware. At a push a matchstick in the holes, or peel back use a bradawl or similar, and then re-paste as undoubtedly the glue will have sucked in again! When doing the fibreliner, which is much more forgiving ( I did this myself) generous amounts can again be pushed into any edges and nooks that may not have stuck. I got really picky,but you mantra needs to be : ' I AM GOING TO LINE ON TOP OF THIS' or you will go nuts! But once I took care with the FIbreliner( which doesn't absorb the glue so hungrily) and caulked the edges nicely, the job looks superb. I may run over some edges with a scalpel and recaulk, before I paint it, but for now I am happy. I really hope that this can help someone out, as it is a little daunting. But even if you cut a piece short just butt another piece up as good as you can , repeat the mantra, and caulk and smooth it with a flat scraper or similar and move on.. As everyone says , be generous with the glue , but I wish there was a better application method. I still have half a tub of glue left after 2 rolls and two rolls of liner, I am glad I used it generously! I would use it again,although not magic, the room seems better insulated and walls not cold to the touch. Must help with reducing acoustics too. Perhaps I should have bought the super-duper one as this is my coldest room, but never mind.
16 November 2014
First Class
First class transaction fast delivery great quality items i will certainly purchase again thank you
27 October 2014
I'd just like to say how delighted I was with the way GoWallpaper handled the mix up with my order. It was dealt with quickly with no fuss which was much appreciated, thankyou.
9 October 2014
Does what it says
Does what it says and nice to work with... The only thing is that it was quite hard to cut into... but I guess this would be expected!