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Erfurt Mav Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner


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4 September 2017
Excellent product.
Chose KV600 as it is the top of the range. Goes up well when you get the knack. Really ladle adhesive onto the wall and use the roller to spread it evenly. Be sure the wall is prepared with paint or paste to stop it pulling the moisture out of the adhesive before you get KV600 positioned. It doesn't slide much so place it as accurately as you can. (You wouldn't want it to slide under its own weight would you?) I finished with an Anaglypta 'paste the wall' paper and paint for a superb finish on 135 year old walls! Empty room doesn't 'clang' so much now. Looking fwd to winter to witness performance.
7 April 2017
I have now purchased this thermal wallpaper for the third time and the product is brilliant, service at Go Wallpaper was as usual just how a company should be. The staff are friendly and really know what they are talking about. Would recoomend Go Wallaper to anyone!
3 August 2016
great winter warmer
20 February 2016
I searched for days, not knowing if I should line my walls with a thermal paper, remembering my parents awful foam stuff that dented when you walked past! then I noticed the "ORDER SAMPLE" option, which I did. I can tell you, don't waste any more of your time, get the stuff ordered and do the job. its a million miles ahead of the old foam products, it goes on easily, and once you get the hang of handling the 1m wide paper its really quick! a single roll did my whole stairwell,(I have a typical 1930's semi), and the wall is actually warm to touch. it really does work. I also fibrelined the whole lot, with the feeling I didn't want to damage the thermal next time I decorate. one point, you must clean as you go, if the adhesive dries your in trouble!
2 January 2016
Solved condensation problem
Problem: upstairs box bedroom, two outside walls, condensation and mould on lower walls and back of wardrobe. Solution: Redecorated, just the outside walls with KV600. Came quickly, tricky to work with at first but soon got hang of it. You need plenty of paste on wall. I found my solid edge steel metre stick, Stanley knife and a wooden board underneath worked best to cut. You'll need a few blades. Result: No more condensation even over winter, wardrobe is against wall with 2inch gap. Effectively the insulation has increased the interior surface temp of wall, stopping it being a cold spot. I had leftovers and did a troublesome bay window with same result. This product combined with one or two common sense ventilation steps should sort condensation problems related to cold walls. Ventilation examples Don't use vynal wallpaper. Keep furniture at least 1 to 2 inches away from exterior walls. Get a small dehumidifier and plug in timer switch for winter. Set it to come on about 45 mins after heating comes on in the morning (to extract moisture produced through sleep) and once more during the day while at work about an hour each time. When temperatures allow open windows upstairs to let air circulate.
7 December 2015
A bit of a bargain
I was initially hesitant about spending £105 on a roll of wallpaper, especially thinking I might eventually need a second roll, but it promised everything I needed for my daughter's corner room with two exterior walls. Even with just two lengths hung the room felt warmer and by the time we'd completed the walls it felt like an entirely different room. Warmer, cosier and with less bouncy acoustics. The KV600 is like lining your walls with a duvet! Two tips for working with it though. PVA solution the walls first and paint the adhesive on thick, so that the wall is white before sliding the KV600. Also probably best not to try and fit it into corners. It will go around corners with enough adhesive but is a bit too thick to squeeze into corners. Instead we used two separate runs into the corner and then filled any gaps left when dry. The KV600 also leaves a beautiful surface on less than ideal walls, so it's like they've been freshly plastered too. For all these benefits £105 is a bargain and we'll be back for a second roll for the ceiling and a troublesome bay alcove. Also worth getting the Olfa knife and a spare pack of blades.
26 November 2015
Excellent Product
I don't usually bother reviewing products, but I have to say this is really great stuff. Like a lot of other people we have 120 year old end of terrace cottage which had been suffering from cold corner in the living room and main bedroom in the old part of the house. I fitted this over 2 1/2 years ago and it's still excellent, cold corners are a thing of the past, the house warms up so much quicker and stays there. We have even put on some walls in the newer part of the house because it such a good insulator. Highly recommended.
13 October 2015
very positive experience
From initially googling to find acoustic products the first 'phone call after reading the GoWallpaper reviews I knew this was going to be a very positive experience. Visiting the showroom one Saturday early afternoon to receiving the product at home exactly when I expected it. Now half way thru' the decorating process, the person I been recommended by a friend to do the job is very impressed with the product. The job is in large lower ground space all be ready to be photograph by end of the month. Planning to use the acoustic paper on shared wall throughout the house.
13 July 2015
Excellent, speedy service from Go Wallpaper. Took me a long time to find someone to do my hall/stairs and though he assured me he'd used this product before he made rather a mess of it but I'm hoping enough coats of paint will improve it's appearance. However it's effectiveness can't be faulted - my house felt much warmer over the winter.
2 July 2015
Fantastic Product & Great to put up
Really Easy to apply and made my walls smooth and new again. Not Cheap but you get what you pay for...