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15 January 2018
Let the paste soak
A little disappointed with finish. High quality product, leaves nice finish to paint but if you use the paste the wall method the paper does shrink. I’m experienced at wallpapering, usually pasting the paper. Thought I’d give pasting the wall a go. Regret it now, noticable lines where the paper has shrunk back. Perfectly good product but paste the paper and leave to soak, leaves much nicer finish.
13 October 2015
very positive experience
From initially googling to find acoustic products the first 'phone call after reading the GoWallpaper reviews I knew this was going to be a very positive experience. Visiting the showroom one Saturday early afternoon to receiving the product at home exactly when I expected it. Now half way thru' the decorating process, the person I been recommended by a friend to do the job is very impressed with the product. The job is in large lower ground space all be ready to be photograph by end of the month. Planning to use the acoustic paper on shared wall throughout the house.
17 January 2015
Most Impressed
Most impressed not only with Go Wallpaper but exstremely impressed by the delivery service and tracking process. Will definately recommend Go Wallpaper to friends and family. Many thanks
26 March 2014
Restoration of listed house
Used fibreliner on stabilized old plaster walls before papering with exspensive hand blocked paper.saved the client literally thousands of pounds and myself months of extra work
18 September 2013
very pleased with the service and the goods
I was very pleased with the service and the goods, will recommend to other people. And I have kept the site in my favourite column. Thanks again to every one involved. John
1 July 2013
Quality product
A quality product that was a joy to use and provided an excellent finish. Used over sappor latex sound proofing liner. Would fully recommend.
17 April 2013
This Stuff is Amazing
This stuff is amazing - and so is the Go Wallpaper service. It arrived less than 24 hours after I placed my order and was very well packaged - no chance of damaged edges. The thermal liner makes a noticeable different to a previously very cold solid wall. The Fibreliner is a dream to apply. Excellent in every respect - thank you.
12 March 2013
I've read your glowing reviews and think it is only right to add to them. What a service! What efficiency! Arrived today. Beautifully packaged. Thank you so much!
17 January 2013
Excellent Product
Excellent product created the look of a replastered wall in our bungalow. Painted over beautifully and also wallpapered over to make a feature wall. Excellent adhesive. Professional decorator/designer recommended the product; we have now reordered for another room and are going to do it ourselves - excellent staff too!
20 November 2012
Sublimely Good
I expected Wallrock range to be 'good'. I did not realise how sublimely good they are. The point I would most stress is that they work not just to keep out the cold, but they retain all that precious expensive heat INSIDE the house. An unbelievably good solution to the horrible problems with non-cavity engineering brick construction of end terrace houses. Don't look for Government help - there is none available. Just contact Nigel at Go Wallpaper and FOLLOW THE ADVICE to the letter. An extra bonus is the superb quality 'finish' to any wall given by the use of the Wallrock Fibreliner - no plasterer living could achieve anything like so good!