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Wallrock Premium 200

Wallrock Premium 200

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2 Item(s)

  • Highly recommended
  • I had never done any wallpapering before and wanted to avoid traditional lining papers and dealing with overlaps and shrinkage. I chose wallrock premium from the three samples I ordered, which has a very smooth and hard surface - it takes paint but doesn't fluff up afterwards as some paper will. Get some samples and try your paint on them to see what happens.

    The recommended paste went a long way for me, more than the tub advised - using too much paste leads to a lumpy final surface so go easy on that, make sure it's even as well. Absorbent walls will need sealing and even then they'll suck the paste dry so be ready to apply it twice just before papering.

    My tips for successful application:
    > cut into drops on the table with ~10cm overlap at each end, much easier to handle than trying to run it straight off the roll onto the wall, despite what is recommended.

    > of course use a plumbline (or level) to establish the first vertical, don't rely on a wall corner being straight.

    > Overlap internal corners and cut the paper flush, doesn't have to be perfect. When you've done the other wall into the corner, caulk down the join and it will be perfect.

    > For external corners, the paper is too stiff to wrap around neatly so I found the best way was to stick it on one wall and leave to dry fully, then the next day soften the overhanging paper with a wet sponge, on both sides, around where the bend will be. Leave it to penetrate well. Then fold it around and paste to the other wall. Keep the paper wet on the bend while the paste dries. For short sections you may have to pin it somehow as it will want to spring back off. You will still get some bubbles on the ridge of the corner if the wall isn't straight.

    Overall this is fantastic stuff and the result, even on what looks like quite a damaged wall, is indistinguishable from fresh plaster, except for the price which is really about 1/3 or 1/5 the cost of skimming, and much less trouble. Butted joints are invisible under paint or can be filled if required (no need usually). Highly recommended, have used in several rooms and even on a ceiling - tricky but doable.
    Review by John D / (Posted on 11/07/2014)
  • Quick Delivery and great advice
  • Thanks Andy for being so helpful and getting my wallpaper delivered for Saturday when we needed it !
    Review by Rachel / (Posted on 01/12/2013)
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