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3 March 2019
Great Product
No expert just a monkey but here’s a few tips! Never used anything like this before and was insulating 2 walls meeting at an outer right angle. Make sure the walls are sealed beforehand I used a thinned PVA solution. I had a couple of tricky sections round and behind a radiator that I couldn’t remove. I pre cut all the foam wallpaper using a blade and metal ruler and dry fitted them; marking in pencil on the wall where each edge ended. It’s better if each foam strip is cut 1 or 2mm short of the ceiling /coving and skirting so it lays completely flat. The same for if the edge is butting up to an adjoining wall. Any gaps can be filled with decorators caulk. You need way more adhesive on the wall than could ever imagine: 3-4mm thick! I was concerned that once hung that the strips would move but you can’t even slide them like normal wallpaper. If you haven’t positioned it correctly you have to peel it back and try again. The vertical wallpaper strips appear to shrink very slightly across their width. You start off with each strip butted up perfectly to the next but end up with about a 1mm gap between each strip once dry. The right angle was quite tricky as one strip has to overlap the edge of the other. As it dried the overlapping strip lifted slightly down the edge. I used long metal rulers on top of the join and secured them in place using medical micro pore tape to force the join together. Once dry they peeled off fine.
15 April 2018
Good results, but it takes effort!
First, this is a really good website with informative descriptions and advice so I was confident about what I was buying. Second, great customer service. When I rang up to ask a question it was handled speedily and knowledgeably. Third, the results are exactly as promised and I’m really pleased. The noise from next door is now only a murmur, if that. The only thing I would say is that if you’ve never done wallpapering before I wouldn’t recommend you take this on yourself - it’s not an easy job, and you really need two people to get it done. Oh, and one other thing, if you think you’ve got enough adhesive on the wall I’d put some more on. You need loads!
11 August 2016
Brill website - really easy to use and secure with PayPal. Really happy with the product easy to apply (even for me!) and is helping with the noise pollution. I'm going to order more and will definitely use gowallpaper again. Also it came next day despite me ordering after 1pm!
11 August 2016
Great quality
Really good quality. Great service I would highly recommend.
11 August 2016
very positive experience
From initially googling to find acoustic products the first 'phone call after reading the GoWallpaper reviews I knew this was going to be a very positive experience. Visiting the showroom one Saturday early afternoon to receiving the product at home exactly when I expected it. Now half way thru' the decorating process, the person I been recommended by a friend to do the job is very impressed with the product. The job is in large lower ground space all be ready to be photograph by end of the month. Planning to use the acoustic paper on shared wall throughout the house.
11 August 2016
Really Works
Excellent service quick easy delivery will be a regular customer from now on came across this website looking for sound proof wallpaper on search engine. glad I did!
11 August 2016
I can't thank you guys enough
I found the whole experience from the first phone call when I spoke to Nigel, to be extremely professional, I really felt that they have a passion for there products which really helped as I had no experience myself. The items turned up the very next day, very well packaged. . I can't thank you guys enough, go wallpaper should be the only company anyone should use in there search engine when looking for soundproofing.
11 August 2016
Second to None
I felt as if I had sold my soul to the Devil! The experience with this company was how you feel ALL internet companies SHOULD be aspiring to achieve. I, "sorry both of us" (Wife included) think this Company and it's products are second to none! If Google or anyone else wants a easy fast reliable transaction do not hesitate to use this company. Thank you to all that work there, words honestly mean so little but I've tried.
11 August 2016
It's Amazing
Having a holiday rental cottage next to a post office sorting office i had complaints about the bedroom noise outside at 5am in the morning, after putting the Saarpor soundproof on the outside walls its amazing what a difference it has made. and your service and advice was fantastic. I can't thank you enough.
11 August 2016
I have purchased your products twice before and ordered some more today. Excellent and speedy service. I have been more than satisfied with my previous purchases and confident my new purchase will be great as well.