Room Insulation has become an important factor over the years so we have sourced a comprehensive range of products which provide the best room insulation types and offer great energy savings as well as a warmer, healthier home. 

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You could save hundreds of pounds off your energy bills every year by installing room insulation. At Go Wallpaper, we source the very best room insulation for your home which not only offers you great energy savings, it can provide you with a warmer, healthier home.

Our extensive range of thermal lining papers and wallpapers including graphite wallpaper and polystyrene can reduce the time it takes to heat up a room whilst also creating a barrier to stop it escaping.

With a great selection of room insulation, sourced from the leading suppliers, we’re confident that there is something to suit every home. Browse our range today to kick-start your home decorating project.

What is Insulating Wallpaper?

When you want to install an effective layer of insulation in your home, save money on your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint, using a thermally insulating lining paper is the way to go. Decorating with an insulating lining paper is a practical and low cost way of insulating your interior walls and ceilings, and ensuring that your home stays cosy and warm. All of our Insulating wallpapers can be used successfully on solid walls as well as modern wall construction and many of them also offer other great benefits such as sound insulation and damp and mould resistance.

Choose from 6 Types of Insulating Wallpaper

At GoWallpaper we offer not just one, we havev six different thermally insulating lining papers for you to choose from including Wallrock Thermal Liner, Graphite Insulating Lining Paper and Polystyrene Veneer. To help you choose the right thermal wallpaper for your home, they are listed in the further information section in order of effectiveness, along with their price per square metre.

New! Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner

When only the best insulating lining paper is good enough, choose Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner. KV600 is 25% thicker than standard Wallrock Thermal Liner which means less heat escaping through your walls, and rooms that heat up even faster. When you combine these features together, you'll find that your home is not only warmer, it's a lot cheaper to heat as well. KV600 is 4mm thick and is pre-bonded to one of the toughest and most durable lining papers on the market - Wallrock Fibreliner. Like standard Thermal Liner, KV600 also offers great sound insulation, reduces condensation and resists damp and mould.

Wallrock Thermal Liner

Our pioneering Wallrock Thermal Liner provides a substantial amount of ceiling and interior wall insulation and reduces heat loss from walls by up to 36%. In addition, rooms heat up substantially quicker which saves you money on your energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint year after year. Wallrock Thermal Liner is 3.2 mm thick and is made from a technologically advanced thermal insulation material, bonded to a high quality, non-woven lining paper. It also offers great sound insulation. For an even better price deal, take a look at our discounted Wallrock Thermal Liner plus 5KG Thermal Liner Adhesive value pack.

Graphite Insulating Lining Paper

The New Graphite Insulating Lining Paper from Saarpor, is another excellent product to use to insulate your interior walls and ceilings and is equivalent to adding a 26cm layer of concrete to them! It’s made from 4mm thick polystyrene permeated with graphite crystals, which is bonded to a high quality non-woven lining paper. The graphite crystals reflect heat back into the room and prevent it escaping through walls and ceilings.

Insulating Lining Paper

Another Saarpor product, this Insulating Lining Paper offers a very economical way to provide a moderate level of thermal insulation to your home. At 4mm it’s double the thickness of traditional polystyrene veneers and it also comes with a high grade non-woven lining paper laminated to it.

ErfurtMav Professional High Density Insulation Panels

ErfurtMav Professional Insulation Panels have been specially designed to make your home more comfortable whilst reducing your energy consumption. These innovative insulation panels have been constructed from recycled polystyrene and can reduce heat loss through your walls by up to 28%

Heatsaver Wall Underliner 2mm

Our Polystyrene Veneer provides a basic level of thermal insulation at a budget price. It consists of 2mm & 4mm options of polystyrene and comes in 10 metre length rolls. This product does not come with a pre-bonded lining paper, so a separate lining paper over the top is required. (We recommend using a non-woven lining paper such wallrock see or range HERE).

Still not sure which Thermal Wallpaper is right for you? Call us on 0161 724 9085 and let our expert team help you make the right decision.