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Graphite Insulating Wallpaper

Graphite Insulating Wallpaper

Take a look at our graphite insulating wallpaper designed to line your internal walls effectively to make a room warm up quicker and provide energy savings. A paste the wall product and easy to hang providing a moderate level of thermal insulation.

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Graphite Wallpaper

Trying to incorporate insulation into a home can be a timely and costly process. However the process is much simpler when using a thermal lining paper.

At Go Wallpaper, we source some of the best insulating products on the market, including graphite wallpaper to help you keep your home warmer for longer. Graphite insulating lining paper is specially designed to effectively line your walls internally to make room warm up time quicker and energy bills lower.

Decorating with graphite insulating wallpaper is practical and just a fraction of the cost of adding insulation to the inside wall cavities. Suitable for use on both walls and ceilings it helps to keep homes cosy and warm whilst reducing damp and mould problems.

Browser our collection of graphite wallpapers to find the perfect product for your home.