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Polystyrene Insulating Panels

Polystyrene Insulating Panels

Polystyrene panels are specially designed to reduce heat loss and easy to apply to your walls. Providing insulation and protecting against mould and mildew, Erfurt Mav polystyrene insulation panels offer huge benefits. Low cost and energy efficient.

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Polystyrene Panels

Keeping your home warm is easier than ever thanks to polystyrene panels.

Polystyrene panels are specially designed to be placed directly onto your walls, offering a number of benefits. Firstly, in most cases, the panels eliminate the need for lining papers, helping to smooth and even out walls, as well as providing insulating properties. However, it is the insulating properties of polystyrene insulation panels that offer the most benefits – making it quicker to warm up a room and easier to retain the heat too.

These energy savings will directly relate to your energy bill, allowing you to pocket the difference. Check out our range of insulating polystyrene panels to find the best ones for your home.