Polystyrene Insulating Wallpaper

Polystyrene insulating Wallpaper is a must for any home decorating project. A special design to create a barrier of insulation, polystyrene wallpaper and lining paper is a cost effective way to save money in the long term. Take a look at our top choices.

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Want a home that’s warm and cost effective in the winter? Then check out our extensive range of insulating lining papers and wallpapers.

Our polystyrene wallpaper is specially designed to create a barrier of insulation – keeping heat in a room. By trapping this heat, you not only save money constantly trying to reheat it, the initial room warm up time is faster too. These energy savings will relate to a nice cost saving on your energy bills too.

Polystyrene insulating wallpaper is a must for any home decorating project. Browse our range to find the perfect one for your project.