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Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner



Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner

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Product specifications

Recommended Adhesive: Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive
Adhesive Usage Per Roll: 4kg (On Average)
Substrate: Latex Foam / Polyester Fabric
Application: Paste the Wall / Check roll Direction before Hanging
Thickness: 5mm
Roll Size: 10m x 50cm Wide
Roll Coverage: 5 Square Metres

Product description

Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner – The Easy Noise Insulation Solution

Our New Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner from Saarpor is an effective noise insulation product in our range of domestic soundproofing products and well worth taking a closer look at. Made from technologically advanced latex foam, laminated to a non-woven polyester fabric, our Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner is just 5mm thick, and offers excellent sound insulation when compared to many of the thicker and more expensive products on the market.

Effectiveness of Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner

Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner deadens sound, particularly those noises in the lower frequency ranges, and helps you create a tranquil, peaceful space that is shielded from irritating sound pollution such as noisy neighbours, busy main roads and the blare of aircraft overhead.

It is particularly effective when used as a barrier to prevent sounds entering your home or office, for example from noisy neighbours or traffic noise. If in contrast you want to stop sound escaping from a particularly noisy area (such as a teenagers bedroom) and polluting other spaces, we recommend using our Sound Proof Insulating Liner instead.

Helping to reduce unwanted noises by as much as -

30% Reduction at 1000 Hz  - Talking

60% Reduction at 2000 Hz  - TV's / Radios

75% Reduction at 3000 Hz  - Vacuum Cleaners, Lorries on the Road

Preparation & Use

Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner is as quick and easy to install as wallpaper making it perfect the perfect DIY noise insulation solution. It is hung using the “paste the wall” method, which is when the paste is applied directly to walls rather than the product itself (see below for the full hanging instructions). 

Because Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner is laminated with a thick non-woven polyester, it can be painted or papered onto directly, but for a professional finish we recommend lining over the top with an additional layer of non-woven lining paper.

Important - If you are planning to hang lining paper or Wallpaper on top of Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner, we strongly recommend that you use a non-woven lining paper such as Wallrock Fibreliner or Wallrock Fibreliner Plus (do not use Wallrock Premium).

Traditional lining paper shrinks and expands when pasted and can cause lifting on the joints. In contrast, non-woven lining paper is dimensionally stable and ensures a perfect finish.

Do not use Vinyl Wallpapers over Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner as they reflect sound and cancel out any noise insulation benefits.

Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner Disclaimer

As a company who prides itself on customer satisfaction we make every effort to ensure that we represent the effectiveness of our products as accurately as possible. In light of this, please be aware that the noise reduction figures stated on our website for our Sound Insulation Liner and Latex Sound Proof Liner products are the maximum amounts of noise reduction achieved when they were tested by the manufacturer on buildings with standard wall construction.

Sound transference is a complex subject and the actual amount of sound insulation homes will benefit from after installing these products will depend on a variety of factors such as the type of wall construction of both internal and external walls (breeze block walls are particularly difficult to acoustically insulate), the size and number of windows in the room and the type of floor/ceiling construction.

Sound is also transmitted via resonance effects from interconnecting structures such as joists under floors and above ceilings and not necessarily through the wall itself

For certain applications you may wish to seek advice from a sound proofing specialist to ascertain the best sound proofing solution for your home.

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15 January 2018
Product works but hard to cut
Product seems to make a noticable difference, definatly muffling the sounds. Unless your building a sound proof room, don’t expect 0 sound. It’s very expensive for what looks like padded wallpaper, and the thickness does make it difficult to cut straight. I would definatly paper over with liner as that gives a much nicer finish to paint. The adhesive is very good.
11 August 2016
I just wanted to thank you for a great service. I contacted you yesterday through your website chat facility about 2pm yesterday to ask whether it was too late to get next day delivery and you very kindly arranged it for me and I received the order at 8.30am this morning. Thank you!
11 August 2016
Muffles sounds/smooth walls
I bought this to soundproof 2 party walls. It has reduced sound to a very muffled level. I can only hear a high pitched sound like a vacuum cleaner. Plus it gives a beautiful smooth finish. It was a little tricky to hang, but once you worked out the quirks it went on well.
11 August 2016
Not a miracle, but a big difference!
Screaming babies and banging cots every night meant we had to find a solution to get some sleep in our bedroom or change rooms. The room was being decorated and it made sense to invest in a potential solution. The house is Edwardian and the party wall is cob/stone. In order not to lose space we decided on Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner and Wallrock Fibreliner, then finally the wallpaper. Firstly the products were a joy to use, expensive but the end finish was excellent. On the day we finished putting up the Sound Proof Wall Liner a miracle happened. No noise, no lost sleep. The next week was pure joy.....until we realised the neighbors had gone on holiday! However now they are back while not quite the miracle we thought, the product has made a very real difference. Some of the screaming fits do get through but are well muffled and easy to ignore. You now find you are ‘listening’ to see if you can hear rather than being interrupted by what you can hear. Each instillation is very different. Ours may have been impacted by removing the carpet and painting the floorboards but for us the end result is a room we can use again and make as our main bedroom. Great support was received when we were discussing using this product at the start. We gained confidence because no outrageous claims were made, we were just provided with open and honest feedback and no real guarantee that this would work. That fact that it had made such a difference is why we are leaving this feedback. Thank you, we will now use the same product downstairs in the last party wall when we redecorate.
11 August 2016
noisy teenager next door
Nigel advised on the latex sound proofing. easy to put up, use the correct glue and prepared for lots of knife blades. make sure the seams are flush before over papering. i did one wall in this for blocking out next doors teenager on his xbox throughout the night and KV600 on the other external walls for thermal insulation. appears to be working ok with the condensation removed.
11 August 2016
Has really muffled some noisy neighbours
This product has really muffled some noisy neighbours and I'm now about to use it on a third party wall. The product always arrives on time and in good condition and Nigel has always been very helpful.
11 August 2016
Good Value
Excellent Customer Service! The help and advice provided by Nigel was faultless, which made my ordering of items much easier. Thank you so much for your patience and answering all my questions and queries.
11 August 2016
Student house + paper thin walls = hell. We used this product in the worst bedroom to see how it went. This product does cut down the noise considerably, we can still hear things going on but not actual conversations. Naturally it's not the easiest thing to put up, you cannot use enough paste and trimming isn't easy as the foam tends to bunch into lumps. However I've now lined the wall and used a decorative wallcovering too, so it now looks very good. Plus it's quite quirky having a squidy wall. Will consider doing the living room and another bedroom using this too.
11 August 2016
I have used this product to Sound Proof my basement flat close to the London Underground, what a difference it has made i can still hear the tube but it has reduced the levels I am happy.
11 August 2016
Quiet Night Sleep Finally
Hello Nigel, Thank you so much for your advice on how much wallpaper and adhesive I would need to cover my alcove. My partner purchased it from your web page. It was the perfect amount. so easy to use. the boiler on the wall next door bedroom wall can only just be heard. I am sure when I put the wardrobe back to the alcove wall it will be great. a Quiet nights sleep again. Thanks again Carol Nottingham