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ErfurtMav Professional Insulation Panels

Erfurt Mav Professional Insulation Panels

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  • Specifications


    Product specifications

    Recommended Adhesive: Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive
    Adhesive Usage Per Pack: 4kg (on average)
    Substrate: Polystyrene
    Application: Paste the Wall / Check roll Direction before Hanging
    Thickness: 7mm
    Pack Contents: 8 Panels
    Panel length: 1 Metre
    Panel Width 50cm
    Pack Coverage: 4 Square Metres
    Finish: Flat (Paintable)

    Product description

    ErfurtMav Professional Insulation Panels have been specially designed to make your home more comfortable whilst reducing your energy consumption. These innovative insulation panels have been constructed from recycled polystyrene and can reduce heat loss through your walls by up to 28%. This additional trapped heat in addition to the reduced room warm up times experienced can help you save pounds on your energy bills every month. With good water resistance as well as resistance to temperature and pressure changes, they are ideal for use in a wide range of applications on the walls, ceilings or under floor – including in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

    The panels are quick and easy to apply, simply follow our application guide below for best results. Once applied, the ErfurtMav Professional Insulations offer a primed surface ready for decorating with paint, suitable wallpaper or decorative/ceramic tiles. Suitable for use throughout your home.

    The main benefits of ErfurtMav Professional Thermal Insulation Panels are:

    • Retains heat – leading to less heat loss, a warmer, cosier room and  energy savings

    • Protects – helps combat against condensation and subsequent mould growth.

    • Covers – the insulation tiles can be used to cover damaged surfaces such as poor, cracked or uneven plaster.

    • Primed surface ready for wallpaper or decoration

    • Can be use on Ceilings & Walls.

    • Quick and Easy to apply

    • Suitable for Paint, Lining Paper, Wallpaper or Tiles

    Thermal characteristics of ErfurtMav Professional Thermal Insulation Panels are comparable to the following other materials:

    • Approx. 140mm of solid brick

    • Approx. 200mm of stone block

    • Approx. 300mm of concrete

    Technical Specifications:

    • R Value 0.2 m²K/W

    • U Value 5 W/m²K

    • A Value 0.035 W/m.K

    • Supplied in packs of 8 Panels

    • Fire Rating - B2 after DIN 4102


    ErfurtMav Professional Thermal Insulation Panels are easy to use – apply to dry surfaces using an appropriate adhesive such as Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive  or Deosa Adhesive. For best results, level tiles to one another before painting, overhanging with wallpaper,  tiled or plastered to suit your requirements.


    CFC free and recyclable, these panels are also environmentally friendly too.

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