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Damp Prevention

You’ll want a beautiful, professional, lasting finish for your new home décor so make sure you prepare your walls before wallpaper application. Our specialist damage and repair products contain everything you’ll need to handle damp proofing, minimise staining and repair walls ready for wallpaper application.

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We all want your new home décor to have a stunning, professional finish that will last. However in most cases, your walls might need a little TLC before they are ready for their beautiful, new look. With this in mind, we have a wide range of products available at Go Wallpaper UK that can help you repair and maintain damaged walls – making them safe, smooth and ready for paint or wallpaper application.

Suffer from damp walls? Applying wallpaper to damp walls can make the wallpaper peel quickly and leave stains on your wallpaper. Check out our wide range of damp proofing solutions to find products to resolve this annoying and unsightly problem.

Worried about staining? Smoke, water damage or soot can cause wallpaper to stain. Treat it with one of our specialist products to ensure it doesn’t affect your fresh, new home décor.

Are your walls looking a little unpolished, crumbly or worse? Then check out our damage and repair products to find the perfect solution.

Whatever preparation your walls require, browse our specialist damage and repair collection to find everything you need to resolve the issue quickly and with ease.