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Feature Wallpaper

Feature Wallpaper

The focal point to a room. Feature wallpaper is perfect for adding colour and pattern without it taking over a room. For feature wallpaper ideas, take a look at our extensive range exclusively chosen by experts.

Feature Wallpapers

You may have heard the term ‘feature wallpaper’ so do you really know what it means and how to use it in your home?

Feature wallpaper is the focal point of the room, often the first thing someone sees when walking into a room. It is perfect for selecting where people will look, and more importantly where they won’t. If you have something in your room that you’re not keen on like an out-dated fireplace, uneven wall or an odd shaped window, then you can choose to create a feature wall elsewhere to draw the eye away from these undesirable areas.

Feature wallpaper can also be used to add colour and pattern into a room without overpowering the look. Feature walls can either be one or two complete walls or even just areas of a room like alcoves where wallpaper can be used. They therefore allow you to get a little more creative in terms of wallpaper style than you would if an entire room was being redecorated.

Feature walls can be created using virtually any wallpaper as long as it is eye-catching. Vintage wallpaper, floral motifs, stripes, damask prints, retro designs, brick effects and any other type of wallpaper design can be used to create a feature wall. You can even add a feature wall mural.

The possibilities are endless with our great selection of feature wallpapers to choose from.