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Whichever room you choose to decorate we have a wonderful Wallpaper Collection to set the scene. From neutral colours and bold features to warm and rich wallpaper colours. Let us help you to create that beautiful space in your home.

When creating a beautiful space in your home, the choice of wallpaper colour is really important as it will set the scene for how you use the room and how you feel when you’re in it.

Pale colours like white, ivory and dove symbolise innocence and purity. These shades are popular colours when decorating as they are both light and neutral making it easy to team with virtually any colour palette.

More vibrant colours like purple and red can help stimulate the senses and offer excitement. Symbolising luxury and passion, these are great shades to use in a cosy living room or bedroom environment.

Bright shades like yellow and orange are attention grabbing and symbolise happiness and optimism. Offering the ability to enhance concentration, these shades are perfect for a study, child’s bedroom or family room.

Brown tones are synonymous with nature and imply genuineness. Light brown earthy shades will add wistfulness to a room whilst deeper shades can add warmth.

When you choose patterned coloured wallpaper, you can create wonderful combinations of these attributes.

In order to ensure that you choose the right coloured wallpaper for your home, think about the purpose of the room and what you want it to say about you and your mood.