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Animal, Birds & Butterfly

Offering nature and elegance, take a look at our beautiful Birds and butterflies Wallpaper Collection. Stunning designs in equally stunning colours to inspire anyone. Bird and Butterfly wallpaper has an air of sophistication about it and offers a great way to add life to your walls.

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Wallpaper designs featuring birds became very popular during Victorian times. At this time, merchants were bringing beautiful embroidered and silk fabrics back from the orient and it was these designs that inspired British wallpaper manufactures to reproduce the designs on wallpaper – adding yet more opulence to the aristocratic homes of the day.

Today bird wallpaper is equally as sought after although the underlying designs have changed somewhat. In addition to the oriental designs, manufacturers are inspired by the tropics too, creating fabulous designs featuring everything from flamingos to birds of paradise, parrots to owls. Offering a touch of nature and an elegant look to any home, bird wallpaper is a great way to add patterns to your walls.

Butterflies featured on wallpaper much later than birds, and have become just as popular with many designers combining the two to create bird and butterfly wallpaper. Inspirational with the asymmetrical colour schemes and stunning markings of butterflies, the choice of wallpapers is extensive.

Often featuring busy designs with large pattern repeats and eye catching colour schemes, bird and butterfly wallpaper offers an air of sophistication and a splash of colour to any home décor project this season.