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Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper

A beautiful Collection of floral wallpaper designs from classic to modern, subtle to exotic. Take a look through our extensive range of floral wallpapers for the perfect ambience to your home. Truly inspirational.

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Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper was one of the first patterns created in the world of wallpaper manufacturing. Floral or flower wallpaper has long been a favourite in the world of home décor and isn’t set to disappear any time soon.

Classic floral wallpaper designs feature traditionally English flowers which were popular just before the Victorian era and include roses and other common garden blooms. Typically in pastel and more natural tones, these wallpaper styles are perfect for adding a feminine look to any room in your home.

Victorian and Edwardian floral wallpaper reproductions often feature more exotic blooms which became popular during the era, with more global trade routes being established and regular links to the outer colonies. These styles of floral wallpaper often feature the odd bird in the design too which is synonymous with their popularity during that time.

More modern floral wallpaper styles feature more abstract flower designs. Although often inspired by a certain flower or plant, the designs are more artistic in their representation to create bolder patterns. Glitter accents, mica shimmer backgrounds and other embellishments are also common on more modern designs. Not only do they bring femininity into your home, they add luxury too.

Whichever era of floral wallpaper you prefer, we have an extensive choice available from leading suppliers to choose from.