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When you buy Plain Wallpaper today, the designs are created to bring a stylish and effective look to your home.  Plain wallpaper is a fantastic way to be creative with colour, texture and even glitter accents. We have superb collection just for you.

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Plain doesn’t have to mean boring in the world of interior design. Often patterned or printed wallpapers are teamed with complementary plain wallpaper designs to create a chic and stylish overall look. Plain wallpaper can also be used to accent key pieces of furniture or tie a theme together for a fabulous look. Therefore choosing a plain wallpaper design is just as important as choosing a patterned one.

The choice of plain wallpaper will all come down to two elements – the colour and the finish. Just because a wallpaper design is classed as plain, it doesn’t mean that it’s an all over, flat colour. Many plain wallpaper designs feature a graduation of colour, a light texture or even glitter accents to give them depth and allow them to truly transform your home.

So whether you’re looking for something simple for a minimalist look, something to accent a pattern or print or just something a little more subtle this season, we have a great range of plain wallpaper designs all at great prices.