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Striped & Waves

If you are looking to buy striped or waved wallpaper, look no further. A fabulous collection with a wealth of different styles, our striped wallpapers will impress. From subtle pastel shades to bold and bright colours, thin stripes to wide stripes. Perfect for creating the illusion of more space in a room.

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Striped and Waved wallpaper offers a number of advantages to any room. It can be used to add colour to a room, combining one colour in a series of shades or multi-coloured stripes for a great look. It can also be used to give the illusion of more space in a room. By adding horizontal striped wallpaper to a room, you can make it look longer and wider whilst vertical stripe wallpapers give the illusion of more height.

When choosing striped wallpaper, there are a wealth of different styles available from sophisticated pin stripes to multi-spaced stripes to bold, wide stripes. Each alters the illusion of space in your home and helps create a different look.

The colour choice of your striped wallpaper is important too – similar colours used together can give a more elegant look whilst multiple colours will help brighten a room. Try to avoid excessively busy striped wallpapers and instead opt for less pattern for an on-trend look for the coming season.