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Take a look at our beautiful collection of Tile Wallpaper. Incredible designs for a classic look to a room. From subtle and neutral colours to more vibrant and exciting bold colours. Perfect tiling for the kitchen or bathroom.

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The latest trend in home décor is tile wallpaper. Tile wallpaper can come in a number of guises from bathroom or kitchen tile effect wallpaper to designs which are inspired by mosaic art. Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that you are giving your home a fresh, new lease of life.

When looking for tile design wallpaper, there are a number of things to consider. The first is the size of the tile effect – large tiles are perfect for giving the illusion of space whilst small tile designs are more about creating a focal point and interest in a room. The second thing to consider when looking at tile effect wallpaper is the colour scheme. You can choose a plain, simple design or more elaborate design depending on your preferences. Neutral or pastel colours can give a classic, timeless look whilst more vibrant designs can offer a more modern, fun look. Finally, consider the placement of your tile wallpaper. Tile effect wallpaper is usually best used as feature wallpaper, highlighting one wall or certain areas of a room for a great look

Tile wallpaper is well suited for use in bathrooms or kitchens, especially if it is washable and hardwearing.

At Go Wallpaper UK, we stock a wide range of tile design wallpaper, browse the collection to find the perfect look for your home.