Get a head start on flawless wallpaper application with the comprehensive range of lining papers available from Wallrock. Smooth, even walls are easy to achieve – simply choose the desired lining paper grade.

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Creating a stunning new look in your home can be exciting, motivating and satisfying. However that perfect look not only comes down to your choice of beautiful wall covering, but also the preparation for applying that wallpaper. Here at Go Wallpaper UK, we stock a wide range of those all-important behind the scenes wallpaper preparation products that are key to achieving a professional look, even if you’re a novice at home décor.

Amongst our best-selling wallpaper preparation products is Wallrock Lining Paper. Wallrock Lining Paper, by Erfurt Mav, is the result of years of extensive product development. A comprehensive range of lining papers, you will be sure of smooth, even walls as well as a helping hand in the application of your wallpaper.

Wallrock Lining Paper comes in a range of different grades which conveys their suitability for your home décor project. Browse the full range to find the perfect one for your home and make a step in the right direction for flawless wallpaper and a fresh, new look.