Wallrock Magnetwall

Magnetwall Magnetic Wallpaper – a revolutionary idea from Wallrock that can turn any wall into an instant noticeboard or display area. Simply apply under conventional wallpaper for a great look with versatile functionality.

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Wallpaper has come a long way in recent years and wall coverings are no longer simply just decorative items. Wallrock are leaders in the world of wall coverings, specialising in products that offer superior benefits and advantages to home décor.  Wallrock have developed a range of functional designs which now offer more than just conventional wallpapers and lining papers…..products like magnetic wallpaper.

The Wallrock Magnetwall Magnetic Wallpaper is a revolution in wall coverings. Designed to be used in conjunction with wallpaper, this magnetic wallpaper is effectively a lining paper that magnetises your wall. Simply use magnets to turn your wall into a noticeboard, display area or anything else you desire. You can use standard magnets or for enhanced performance Wallrock’s own Neodymium Magnets.

Ideal for use in a home office, family room, kitchen or bedroom, Wallrock Magnetwall Magnetic Wallpaper offers a versatile solution. Easy to apply, long lasting and perfect for use with conventional wallpaper or paint, this magnetic wallpaper will make a welcome addition to your home.