Welcome to the Wallrock Range from Erfurt Mav. A superb choice of products with incredible benefits. The Wallrock Range includes many advanced lining papers and wallpapers with advanced technology providing a truly professional finish to your home.

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Designed by Erfurt Mav, the Wallrock range includes a number of technologically advanced lining papers and wallpapers which are all designed to offer you a more professionally finished home.

Within Wallrock’s range are a number of thermal lining papers. Each of these are specially developed to better retain heat within your home whilst significantly reducing the time it takes for rooms to heat up. These thermal savings have a knock-on effect to your energy savings, letting you pocket the difference.

As well as offering thermal properties, Wallrock wallpaper can also offer sound proofing, leading to a warmer home and a quieter one too.

Wallrock lining papers can be used to help smooth out and even walls, strengthening plaster where required whilst disguising imperfections for a more professional finish that will stand the test of time.

With the ability to layer Wallrock liners with other Wallrock products and others, the Wallrock range will make a welcome addition to your home. As leading Wallrock stockists, browse our extensive range to find the right product for your needs.